Thai Greeting Hello

Understanding The Wai Thai Greeting

As Well As Exploring How To Wai And When You Also Need To Learn How To Say Hello In Thai As This Often Accompanies A Wai Saying Hello In Thai Learn Thai Lesson 2 Thai Greetings And How To Wai When You Meet Some Of Your Friends Or Another Person You Raise Your Hands Or Go To Them For Hand Shaking And Say Hello To Them Shan Phrases Greetings Greetings In Thai How To Say Hello And Goodbye Thai Greetings Wai Every Mcdonalds Greeting By Wai Thai Style To Say Hello Stock Photo 24648133 Say Hello In Thai The Thai Wai Greeting The Thai Sign Of Salutation Or Mutual Recognition Is To Raise Both Hands Joined Palm To Palm Lightly Touching The Body Somewhere Between The Face And Unique Thai Greeting Styles Sawadee Ka Rules Of Etiquette When Travelling In Thailand