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Knowledge Article Setting Up The Company Greeting Via The Auto

User Added Image A Record Over The Phone Setup Company Greeting Select Default Follow The Voice Prompt To Record And Save Your Custom Greeting Setup Company Greeting Connect To Operator Setup Company Greeting Play Custom Greeting Over Pc Call Greeting Upload Custom Voicemail Greeting Setup Company Greeting Select Browse To Import Custom Greeting Setup Company Greeting Press Play This Option Lets You Enter A Telephone Number Which The System Will Call Directions Will Be Given During The Call To Assist You In Recording Your Greeting Select This Option If You Want To Disconnect The Caller After The Greeting Repeats Three Times Setup Company Greeting Import Custom Greeting This Will Allow You To Record Your Own Greeting Using Your Computers Microphone Record Over The Phone Ringcentral Has A Very Useful Ability To Customize Voicemail And Custom Greetings Via The Online Account Portal Httpsserviceringcentral Ringcentral Call Screening Greeting And Hold Music Overview Uploading A Custom Company Greeting Ringcentral 5 4 1 2 3 16 16 Ringcentral