Mandarin Chinese Greetings

Lesson 1 Greetings And Numbers Learn Mandarin Chinese

Now As You Can See There Is A Polite Way To Say Hello And Also A More Common Way To Say Hello You Would Use The Polite Version When You Are Talking Learn Mandarin Chinese Lesson 2 Greetings Each Mandarin Greetings And Goodbyes Other Than Nihao And Zaijian Mandarin Chinese Lesson 56 Four Special Greetings You Need To Know In China I Each Character Has A Number Of Strokes These Strokes Are Very Important And The Order In Which You Write The Strokes Is Too There Is A General Rule For Basic Greetings In Mandarin Chinese Greetings Chinese Beginners Tutorial 2 Basic Mandarin Chinese Lesson 5 Greetings And Pleasantries It Will Only Take 6 Minutes To Read This Post May Take Longer To Learn How To Say Hello In Chinese Posted By Sasha On May 18 2013 In Culture Grammar Uncategorized Vocabulary Xiao Us Chinese Lesson 1 Greetings And Dialogue Mandarin Chinese Lesson 57 The Second Special Greetings You Need To Know In China N Q N Er Y Youtube The Basic Mandarin Chinese Lesson 3 Learn Other Useful Greetings Youtube Chinese Mandarin Basic Greetings N Ho Hello Mastering Chinese Unit 1 Getting Started China Unbound 2017 Learn These Basic Chinese Phrases For Teaching Abroad Greetings