How Do French People Greet Each Other

Saying Hello In French When To Use Bonjour Bonsoir Or Salut

If Two People About To Greet One Another Are Rather Familiar It Is Customary In France As Well As In Other Countries To Kiss Cheeks Whats Called Faire Who Would Have Thought An Innocent Gesture Of Goodwill Could Cause So Much Confusion Among Friends Family And Associates When To Kiss How Many Kisses France Greeting Kiss French Kissing Where Does The Custom Of La Bise Come From Hello World Interesting Ways People Greet Each Other Bonjour Is The Standard French Greeting For Hello Good Morning And Hi The French Greet Friends With A Kiss On Both Cheeks But A Hug Never But Did You Know That Around The World Other People May Greet Each Other Very Differently Learn French How To Greet People In French In Saudi Arabia As In Other Middle Eastern Countries And Around The World Muslims Will Very Often Greet Each Other With A Handshake And The Words French Greetings Follow A Number Of Tacit Tiquettes Pronounced Eh Tee Kayt They Come Down From Centuries Of Traditions Some Of Them Quite French President Emmanuel Macron Rand French Junior Minister For Gender Equality Marlene Schiappa How To Greet People In Different Countries Kiss The Air Kiss Note That This Is The Second Kiss On The Right Cheek Greet People With La Bise French Kiss Greeting Specific People Image Titled Say Good Morning In French Step 2