How Do French Greet Each Other

6 French Greetings Faux Pas That Make You Sound Rude

If Two People About To Greet One Another Are Rather Familiar It Is Customary In France As Well As In Other Countries To Kiss Cheeks Whats Called Faire French Etiquette To Kiss Or Not To Kiss That Is The Question Telegraph French Greetings Polite Learn French How To Greet People In French France Greeting Courtesy Of Reuters Faire La Bise Image Titled Say Hello In French Step 2 Image Titled Say Good Morning In French Step 2 Greetingbr In Saudi Arabia As In Other Middle Eastern Countries And Around The World Muslims Will Very Often Greet Each Other With A Handshake And The Words Essential French Vocabulary Greetings Introductions And More Social Phrases French Kissing Where Does The Custom Of La Bise Come From How To Faire La Bise Step By Step In Mainland Europe In Countries Such As France Its Commonplace For Friends And Family To Greet Each Other By Kissing The Businesswomen Greeting A Client