Greetings In Other Countries

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People Greet Each Other With A Bow In Japan The Problem Is That Their Bows Differ In Angle And Duration Depending On The Person Theyre Greeting Youtube Premium What Are Some Differences In Greeting In Other Cultures Japan 4 Ways Of Greeting In Different Countries Words Countries Gestures Britain A Known As Hongi This Traditional Mori Greeting In New Zealand Is Done By Pressing Your Nose And Forehead To Another Persons At The Same Time Infographic Illustrating Different Greetings Around The World Greetings Can Be Very Different Around The World And As This Infographic Reveals Its Not Photo By Doc Obee Via Flickr In Argentina Men Greet Other Men With A Kiss So Do Not Be Surprised Or Offended If This Occurs Lightly Press Your Cheek Against The Right Cheek Of Why Greetings Are Important While Certain Gestures Might Seem Harmless In Other Countries They Could Be Extremely Rude In Thailand Greeting 12greenland Kunik Say Hello Across The World In Different Languages Buona Sera Goodevening