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Funny Phone Messages 1 The Time Emily Switched Hi To Nugget Not Nugget Nugget Funny Text Messages Dumpaday 12 6 This Classic Prank From Mom We Should Have Bought Christmas Tree Seedlings Early In The Year So That We Can Grow Them In Our Backyard Such That They Are Ready By Christmas Funny New Year Wishes Messages Funny New Year Wishes Greetings Funny New Year Greetings For Friends Funny Birthday Greetings Funny Answering Machine Greetings Text Messages From My Baby Text Humor Parent Humor Pinterest Funny Greetings Card Otterly Wasted Funny Christmas Card Text 07 A Card To Put A Smile On Your Face Send This Card Now It Funny Greeting Funny Voicemail Greetings Maintaining A Business Like Manner Is Very Important In All Facets Of Uncooked Greeting Cards Birthday Greetings Cartoons Birthday Greetings Cartoon Funny Birthday Greetings Picture Birthday Greetings Funny Christmas Greetings Happy Epiphany Greetings Text Messages Wishes And Funny Quotes Epiphany Greetings Text Messages Wishes Religious Love