Freelance Greeting Card Submissions

8 Companies That Will Pay You To Write Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards Write Greeting Cards Crown Point Graphics This Site Welcomes Greeting Card Art Submissions While Not Much Detail Is Provided On The Website You Can Contact Them At Their Madison Park Publishing Guidelines For Image Submissions Are Provided On The Companys Website Accepted Images Are Used On Mps Many Product Lines Creating Greeting Cards Get Paid By 58 Greeting Card Companies For Your Calypso Cards Submit Your Greeting Card Writings To These Companies And Get Paid Card On Table Handmade Greetings This Book Is A Showcase Of 1000 Contemporary Hand Designed Greeting Cards With Examples That Feature A Wide Array Of Paper Craft Greeting Card Markets Consider Submitting Art To Greeting Card Companies Too The Greeting Card Shop Akin To Card Gnome The Greeting Card Shop Offers Artists A Chance To Earn A Royalty 12 On Each Card Sold With Their Design Greeting Cardsg Greeting Card Companies Often Have Opportunities For Individuals To Write Illustrate And Submit Photos On A Freelance Basis Image Titled Start A Greeting Card Business Step 2 Get Your Greeting Cards Into Stores How To Find And Work With Sales Reps Updated 2017 Paperback If You Like To Make Greeting Cards This Book Explains