Chinese Way Of Greeting

35 Ways To Wish Someone Well In Chinese

Learn Chinese Chinese In Three Minutes How To Greet People In Chinese Youtube Youtube Premium Prepare An Appropriate Chinese Idiom Before Weddings And Parties Idioms Can Be Used To Wish A Family Well The Chinese Way Of Greeting Is A Nod Or Slight Bow However When Interacting With Westerners Chinese Will Usually Shake Hands This Is Distinguished From The Chinese Way Of Greeting In Which One Hand Is Made Into A Fist And The Other Hand Placed Above It Known As Gongshu Can Image Titled Say Hello In Chinese Step 1 Laurie Chen Meeting Greeting Idioms Are Traditional Greetings In China Chinese Leaders Send Lunar New Year Greetings Chinese Fist And Palm Salute Saying Hello In Chinese Image Titled Say Hello In Chinese Step 2 Chinese Greeting Customs Shake Hands Please But No Kissing South China Morning Post Thai Chinese Lady In Red Dress Greeting Welcome Stock Photo 50250244 Megapixl