8x8 Record Voicemail Greeting

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In Ring Group Details You Can Set The Voicemail Password As Well As Options For When Calls Should Be Directed To Voicemail Watch It Quality Management On The Row Of The Auto Attendant That You Wish To Change Click Edit In The Actions Column The Edit Auto Attendant Page Displays This Greeting Is Also Used For Auto Attendants Voicemail When Accessed Through The Company Directory To Access The Voicemail Settings Go To Home Users Click The Add Button Watch Mac Settings If You Have Direct Agent Access You Can Record A Personal Voicemail Greeting For Your Extension Virtual Office Classic To Redirect The Callers From Voicemail Go To Users Voicemail Settings And Enable Custom 0 Dial Out Select A Destination From The List And Save Click Edit To The Right Of The Ring Group You Wish To Edit Under Members Of Ring Group Decide Which Group Members Can Receive Ring Group Voicemail Continue Configuration Or To Save The Profile And Continue The Configuration At A Later Whats New In The Vo Configuration Manager 14 Release Press 1 To Connect The Call After The Prompt 6 You Can Steer Through 8x8 Virtual Office Pro Basic Client 8x8 Virtual Office Screenshot 8x8 Account Manager 8x8 6755i Voice Mail Greetings And Operation For Voip Telephone 8x8 Virtual Office Pro Extensions